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ADS does not populate all data into PatentCenter

One of our listserv members reports: I just tried to file an application in Patentcenter. I always use the PTO's fillable-PDF PTO/AIA/14, and I checked that the one I used today is the latest one (02-18). After having uploaded the completed ADS (with no errors reported by Patentcenter) and gone through uploading/categorizing the rest of the application documents, I saw that the final screen with the "submit" button showed no invention title, no attorney docket number, and no correspondence address. I thought that was weird, because I always check the ADS extra-carefully before starting any filing, so I was sure those fields were properly filled out. Nevertheless, I double-checked to be sure those fields were filled out in the ADS I uploaded; they were. Thus, I hit the submit button and figured I would check back later in the day to make sure everything had been pulled out of the ADS properly, but Patentcenter complained that the fields had to be there to submit the application.

I then backed up to try to re-upload the ADS, but apparently you can't do that. You can only change the way you submit the ADS info. (No thanks, not interested in potentially introducing errors when I have already created and verified an error-free ADS.) I guess I could have started over, but with zero confidence that it would work a second time, I changed to EFS-Web and filed the application that way.

Needless to say, this the kind of bug that does not exactly inspire confidence in Patentcenter. If there is one thing it should be able to do with 100% reliability, it's to pull information out of the PTO's own fillable PDF form.

This is Patentcenter trouble ticket CP25 in the PatentCenter Trouble Ticket web page maintained by the PatentCenter listserv at




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