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Abridged File Wrapper Option

In the Documents listing for an application, there are checkboxes to allow selection of individual documents for download. There is the option to select or deselect ALL checkboxes at once.

It would be a great feature to add to have additional buttons that would allow the user to select checkboxes for all documents except NPL, or perhaps all documents except NPL, search listings, and other generally non-interesting documents.

Alternatively, if the interface could be configured such that clicking a checkbox while holding the CTRL key down, for example, could cause ALL documents with that document code to be selected or deselected, that could also be quite useful. Thus, holding CTRL and clicking an NPL checkbox would cause all NPL to be either selected or deselected.

Similarly, the ability to rapidly select all documents with the same date would be quite handy--perhaps SHIFT+CTRL+click could be used to do that.

This would dramatically reduce the number of clicks (and thus carpal tunnel) that users have to do to get needed documents from Patent Center (or EFS, for that matter).




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