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App Search Disparity b/t Patent Center and Private PAIR trending idea

I endeavored to make the same application search inquiry on Patent Center and Private PAIR.  The search is routinely performed to check for recent status updates, including Office Actions which have been counted but not yet mailed.  Unfortunately, though the search inquiry entered was the same, the results yielded on both platforms were not.  The Private PAIR search return was clearly more thorough in that the results were not only more up to date (showing more recent status updates than those on Patent Center), but more comprehensive as well.  It appears that, unlike Private PAIR, Patent Center does not show the status alert indicating an Office Action has been counted and not yet mailed.

I appreciate the USPTO's endeavors to advance and streamline their online presence and interface, and I'm sure that more polishing will be made while the Patent Center is in Beta.  That said, one aspect that could use some polish is the Application Search function.  I have not yet thoroughly explored the tool, but it is already clear to me that its functionality is currently more limited than Private PAIR's, even though it does look more sleek from an aesthetic point of view.  I would really appreciate if the folks at the USPTO would consider enabling more of the features available on Private PAIR on the Patent Center, such as more up-to-date search results, more thorough application searches (as mentioned above), and the ability to toggle between the search results page (featuring a range of applications) and the individual application data page (shown when you select one of the featured applications in the range).

Apologies if this entry is a bit wordy, but I appreciate the hard work of the people working on the website, and I hope you'll consider this bit of feedback!



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