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Document Types for Hague Applications need updating

Just handled my first prosecution action in the US as a Hague designated state for a design application. In submitting documents, we found that the document types that you can assign to uploaded documents in Patent Center in such applications are very restricted, and do not include amendments, specification, claim, IDS, NPL, etc.

In EFS, these options are all available. Moreover, these are the sorts of documents that *would* be submitted in a US designated state application. The options that are available in Patent Center seem to be more suited for actual Hague applications, e.g., filings with the USPTO as receiving office for a Hague application. They are not at all appropriate to prosecution for a registered Hague application that is now being examined by the USPTO at the local examination stage.

This needs to be fixed. Patent Center is useless for prosecuting Hague applications during local examination.




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