Patent Center Beta Release

I can't believe this made it out of Alpha testing

I am in the middle of my first submission using PatentCenter instead of EFS-Web. It is a disaster. What were the Alpha testers doing that they allowed this to get to the Beta stage.

1. As part of our internal QC process, we have paralegals who check the submissions after they are uploaded and saved. Part of that process includes checking that document parts have been correctly labelled. And that requires being able to print a receipt of the saved submission. PEFS-Web has that functionality but PatentCenter does not. And if you try to print the screen that displays the saved submission, the various data fields are printed on top of each other, so the QC paralegals can't tell what has been saved and how parts have been labelled. I had to do a screen shot, which is fine for todays submission because it is small, but for a submission with a lot of components, that is not a practical solution.

2. In EFS-Web, when labelling parts, you can begin typing a part name and the part names that start with those letters appear as a drop-down list, getting you to the desired part name quickly. In PatentCenter - and I tried this in Chrome, Edge and IE - typing does not work at all. Moreover, clicking on the drop-down arrow brings up the list of category names, and then you have to click on a category, which will then populate a list of part names. But there is no scroll bar in the list of part names. If your part name is visible, you can click on it, but the only way I have found to scroll down the list of part names is to use the Tab key to scroll through the category list until you reach the bottom. At that point, additional Tab presses will move you into and through the previously selected part name list in the second column. I like to think I'm a pretty tech-savvy guy, so if there's an easier way, it is not intuitive at all.




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