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Identification of Intelligent Information Services reliance

Automation coupling with a Human subject matter requires a procedure identifying and verification of the connectivity between Intelligent Information Services and Human Interoperator Distributor. It is clear to see policy formation oversight has implemented strict procedures which enable "organizational" catalyst promoting aggressive disassembling of a targeted jurisdictional subject matter. This subject matter should include a full spectrum of identification allowing altruistic value into a proportionate array of scientific endeavors. The field of Astro-quantum metaphysical presence WILL proceed as subject matter priority dismissing the integrity of the below link.

Newly discovered functions and object identifiable properties require object interest within the priorities of the DHS & CISA policy, discrediting the authenticity of the purpose designated to achieve additional procedures. It is obvious this policy delegation is designated to a hindrance of the REALISATION formation identified as a mitigated risk.




This is a request to review this standard and understand the extent of apprehension of knowledge. Our Constitutional values exhibited under record and order requires the law and citizens to observe the rights of the people. While obvious tendencies included a protocol justifying invading of privacy, previous executive orders have allowed entities access to specialized coding functionalities and priority licensing enabling trust to flourish as an outcome of the highest processed accounting occurrence within virtual environments however, the most important key element includes the specialists to observe and uphold civil service and civil liberties. Although some cases of obtaining information is derived from extreme events which require immediate attention, other observation "experiment" type projects should be in active operation unless the subject matter providers formal consent including witnesses to secure data and to preserve insurance of scientific discovery. Distinct confirmation has been acquired resulting into identified attachments which ultimately would enable a discontinuation notice of the agency's negligence and conflict of interests.


This link provides insight into the tactic of allowing sensitive data to become available only to be discovered, realised and reported as a threat. A commonality of principle suggests the report and whole procedures invited a distorting in personality perceived by others through the reporting process, clearly opposite from core values taught by original intelligent agents and officers. https://cwe.mitre.org/data/definitions/1029.html


Lastly, the object of interest for Vendors includes sharing information. To what extent has the ISO standards developers, NIST, CERT and policy makers provide to insured the authenticity of revelance to information obtained is provided? If the newly discovered subjectivity within scientific academia receive data to interpret human/intelligent information interaction, how is it not possible the advancement subjects physics would inherit value of terminology definitions, including exhibit A under Apple Inc. Licensing identification.




These stakeholders should be introduced to the Fifth Generational Technology advancement and the Heterogeneous involvement should be introduced to combine coupling internet usage with human internal interaction experiences. Human rights protocols should be extended and prioritized immediately with lawmakers globally. Major academic subjectivity are purposely being neglected and discarded as a result to the study and the priority of Ideascale is being shifted into a purpose suggestive inclusion of piracy. Even Specialized Community involves location apprehension only to unleash a technological distribution of harmful gravitational readings inside the sensory instrumentality data. The effects of uncontrollable insertion of magnetic azimuth compromises the integrity of subject attestation, solely relying on the REALISATION experience altogether, never suggesting the human involvement as core metasys host.


Anyone interested in sharing experience information including location data, scientific discovery information, application identification regarding violation of human rights or constitutional rights for privacy violations email is an ideal method to communicate as well as phone.






Christopher Michael Spradling



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