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Inconsistent signed-in status in different windows

One of our listserv members reports, it is commonplace for Patentcenter to be "signed in" in one browser window and yet another browser window showing a Patentcenter page will be "signed out." It is weird to have Patentcenter be so inconsistent about the "signed-in" status across two or more open browser windows in the exact same browser.

Because the problem is intermittent, one assumes that this is not merely some coding error that can be fixed consistently by means of a simple correction of one line of code. Instead there are probably weird "race conditions" between internal processes within various USPTO systems, or synchronization failures between various USPTO systems. The problem is probably a very deep and difficult-to-fix problem rather than a simple fix-a-line-of-code problem.

I expect this is a "failure to scale" problem. As more users log in and use Patentcenter, the various systems that are supposed to work together to provide a seamless user experience end up failing to keep properly in touch with each other.

This is Patentcenter trouble ticket CP36 in the PatentCenter Trouble Ticket web page maintained by the PatentCenter listserv at




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