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Link to Apn in PC after submitting a filing / file history

It would be very helpful if once you are done submitting something in Patent Center that instead of going back to the Home screen and searching for the same case, you can click the application number (or whatever) and it will take you to that specific case in Patent Center. It is our procedures that once a filing is submitted we download an "as filed" version for our official internal file wrapper and make sure there were no issues. This would save several clicks and additional back and forth within the system. Or perhaps there can be a link to your personal history (cases you've recently searched or filed something) or something of that nature on the page to easy get to the case's history without having to search for the case you are already in once the filing has been done. I actually would like to see the personal search/filings history as an added feature regardless of the reason. :)

Also in relation to this in the file history where you download documents, it would be helpful if once you check off something to be downloaded and you are selecting more than one document, the color would change or something to indicate easier by sight what documents you have selected. Or maybe move the check box next to the name of the document instead of all the way at the end. Just makes it easier to determine what you have actually selected for download.



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