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Lists of expired inventions for renewal of registration trending idea

I have questions for you, if you don't mind me asking! Where can I find lists of inventions with expired dates for renewal? Can I modify them and reregister under my name from Russia for now? Where do I find a free patent evaluator? I have taken the USPTO course and I have written to the free patent evaluator, but I haven't heard from them in regard to potential patents for my inventions: Waterproof rubber beach hats for keys and documents for swimming with belongings on the head;

Spiral rubber keychain leash for small pet with a detachable carabiner;

Animal bowls for fast warming up of food in the microwave, etc. I've tried advertised on your blog on Facebook, but he is not answering. Where can I find a free focus group of inventions' testers? How do I find patent specialists in certain kinds of inventions: space, gadgets, foods, etc.? Are there any particular free of charge services for the space colonization and exploration inventions' evaluations? Where are the modern requirements for the drawings? Do I have to submit drawings rounded to the 4th number and should they all now be in AutoCAD? Is there a free of charge service by USPTO for pre-patent evaluation of inventions and recommendations?

Are there be any pre-testing & testing-specific instructions with the client feedback? Why tags could not be a couple of words - "Lists of expired inventions"?  I would highly appreciate your kind help and expertise!

Thanx so much!!! Have a good one!!!




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