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Make Workbench - Correspondence Useful/Functional/Not Garbage

The correspondence tab in the Workbench is an utter failure at providing accurate date and cannot be trusted at all. For example, I just asked it to show me all correspondence for 12-22-2020 through 01-20-2021 and it showed me 28 mailings (for 16 total different applications/dates). In reviewing the email address at our firm that receives eOffice Actions, I found that during that same time frame, our firm received *125* eOffice Action notifications for the customer numbers I filtered for using Patent Center. Each such notification would have correspondence for at least one application and likely multiple ones.

At best, Patent Center is showing a whopping 20% of the actual mail that is sent out as "correspondence." This data *needs* to be 100% accurate; if there is an issue that disrupts eOffice Action delivery to a firm, the only real solution that they have to find out what they missed is to go to the USPTO and query for outgoing correspondence and then access it that way. But if Patent Center fails to accurately identify that correspondence, then the firm will never know what was missed unless *every single matter* that they have is scraped and compared against what is in their docket.

Please fix this ASAP. Or disable it so that it doesn't mislead users.




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