More on Data Consistency

Currently there are many variations in the placement of data (application no., file date, docket no., etc.) on a communication from the Patent Office. It would be helpful if all communications used exactly the same basic format for application data, etc. For example, the arrangement of data in a Notice of allowance is different from the arrangement of data on an Office Action. Decisions on petitions are somewhat free-form. Forms generated in EFS also varies quite a bit.


It would be useful for support staff to be able to consistently know where to look on a paper to find docket number, application number, confirmation number, filing date, etc. on all communications from the USPTO. In communications with Petitions Office, there is usually not even a confirmation number present.


Same comment goes for USPTO forms and data that turns into documents when entered electronically (i.e., online petitions, assignment cover sheets, and fee calculation forms). We should be able to teach new staff that a particular item of information is always in a particular location and know that it will be the same regardless of the communication. Attention to little things like this is very helpful in reducing staff time and ultimately cost to the client.




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