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Patent Center should have an Address Book trending idea

One of our listserv members writes: The process of populating an Application Data Sheet should be helped by provision of an Address Book. To see this look at the Address Book that WIPO provided in PCT-SAFE more than fifteen years ago. The idea is that the filer can populate his or her address book. Once the address book is successfully populated with information that is known to be correct, then the filer can with a mouse click simply drag and drop names into the Application Data Sheet. This eliminates errors that otherwise inevitably creep in if a filer is forced to construct every name entry field by field from blank values in the present workflow. In fact as a general suggestion the Patentcenter developers should have followed the suggestions of the alpha testers who repeatedly suggested in autumn of 2018 that the developers look at the feature sets of PCT-SAFE and ePCT.

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