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Please provide permalinks in Patentcenter

One of our listserv members requests: Please provide permalinks in Patentcenter.

Everybody in every intellectual property office provides permalinks. Everybody except the PAIR developers at USPTO, that is. This is USPTO's chance to be in harmony with everybody else and provide permalinks in Patentcenter, as I will explain.

First, what's a permalink? A permalink is a URL that works now and works tomorrow and works six months from now. It's a deep link to whatever it is that you want to see again or you want someone else to be able to see. The best permalinks are "constructable" meaning that you can look at it and you can easily see how to make it the way you want it to be. You can paste a permalink into your intranet, you can paste it into your docket system, you can email it to a client, you can bookmark it in your web browser. It will work a year from now.

Permalinks are everywhere. Here are a few examples:

USPTO Patent Full-Text and Image Database:

Trademark Trial and Appeal Board:

Trademark Status and Document Retrieval:

Assignments On The Web (reel and frame number):

Assignments On The Web (abstract of title):


European Patent Register:


All but one of these examples also does the right thing by providing "https." (USPTO is a bit of a laggard, and needs to implement "https" in its full-text patent database. I reported this problem on August 14, 2014 and USPTO has still not corrected it.)

But the designers of PAIR went out of their way to make it so that no URL in the PAIR system would ever work an hour later. And went out of their way to make it so that if you were to email a URL from PAIR to somebody else, it would not work.

USPTO needs to get this right in Patentcenter. USPTO needs to provide permalinks for individual patent application files in the user's workbench.

see attachment

As usual, this is a thing that WIPO got right. USPTO needs merely to look to see how WIPO did it in ePCT, and emulate WIPO on this in Patentscope. You can see how it works in the attachment. You find an application file that you care about, and click on "add bookmark". This gives you … wait for it … a permalink! For this particular application the permalink is .

What about the fact that many applications in Patentcenter are not yet published? Doesn't this mean that it's impossible to make a permalink work for such an application? Nope. WIPO nailed this one too. If I make an ePCT permalink for a not-yet-published PCT application, and email the link to somebody, they can click on it. What will appear on their screen is a place to enter their ePCT login user ID and password, and then a place to do their two-factor authentication, at which point they will be fully logged in to ePCT. ePCT remembers which PCT application was in that permalink! And assuming that the person has access rights to that PCT application, that particular PCT application will open on the user's screen!

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