Patent Center Beta Release

Search and download large sets of data


I see that there are some changes to Patent Center from the earlier beta version. In the earlier version, there was an option to search applications through customer number, which is not available currently. Even, the customer number field is no longer available at the application data page. I have following recommendations for your consideration:

1. The 'Search by customer number' option should be made available like in the current version of Private PAIR (screenshot attached), as this will allow us to see daily PAIR correspondences or Status change.

2. There should be an option to see all the applications that are linked to customer numbers associated with an individual. This was available in the earlier beta version, but the report could not be fetched for large dataset of say 5000 applications.

3. Like the PEDS system, which allows us to search multiple applications at once and download the bibliographic data of published applications, can there be a system to download data set for unpublished applications. This will allow us to fix discrepancies just after filing of an application, instead of waiting for 18 months for publication. Currently, we can only download bibliographic data for the application that we are searching.




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