Patent Center Beta Release

Solution to Error Messages?

I tried filing a 371 application in Patent Center a couple days ago. I received the following error messages trying to file just this one application. I tried everything, switching browsers (Chrome and Edge), starting over, cancelling submission. I was only able to successfully upload my ADS once. Once I got the ADS uploaded and moved to the next page, I encountered more upload error messages. I ended up back in EFS-Web.

Error messages:

PDF could not be converted to a valid PDF form. Verify you are loading a valid USPTO form PDF.

The application type and/or subject matter of the attached ADS does not coincide with the selected filing type. Please remove ADS, make corrections and reattach.

The server returned and error. (400)

This file is identical to ________. Duplicate files are not allowed. (this error appears after I had to remove a document that had an error and re-upload it).

I was using the USPTO Fillable ADS downloaded from the USPTO.



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