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Submission does not show any bibliographic info trending idea

It is frequently the case that an upload in the workbench does not include ANY bibliographic information on any of the submission review screens for a submission until AFTER you hit the submit button.  Sorry--that's not technically correct.  It will tell you the Application Type.  But the fields for Application Serial Number, Docket Number, Filing Date, Status, First Named Inventor, and Customer Number will all be blank/empty.  

So when an attorney goes to review files uploaded by their secretary or paralegal and this has happened, they have no idea if the documents in question have been uploaded to the correct matter unless they a) delete them all and re-upload them personally and then file them, b) ask their secretary or paralegal to re-do the upload (and hope that Patent Center doesn't do the same thing again and/or that their relationship with their secretary or paralegal isn't negatively impacted by all the repeat requests to re-do an upload), or c) press submit and then learn on the very next screen whether you just filed papers in the completely incorrect application--maybe you'll be rewarded with having to explain to client A how client A's confidential documents just ended up getting filed in client B's published application file.

There is no reason that this should be happening--and it needs to be fixed.  Users should have certainty as to which application documents will be filed at every step of the submission process (and the framework is clearly designed to do just this--it just doesn't work reliably).  

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