Supply all valid browsers, servers, etc. to be downloaded

It would be great if the USPTO could supply all valid/legitmate browsers, apps, software, servers, etc. to be downloaded. In other words I had a computer virus that used all the common browsers and files and apps and security encryptions used against me stemming from Stockton University that created a block that caused a technical difficulty on the USPTO. In other words I had to used their system (USPTO) to solve mailing address, file, telephone issues, computer issues, etc that originated from Stockton University/NJ Statewide. I tried to report this matter to other authorities, but nothing happened. I wanted to atleast let other forms of associates, individuals, inventors, etc. so to help them and prevent horrible issues like to arise again. This computer virus screwed my identity data (D.O.B., S.S., etc) prevented me in anyway to contact other authorities that could've helped to look into this abusive matter that wasn't needed.



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