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View Receipt History visible only to actual filer

One of our listserv members reports, the View Receipt History function of Patententer, which is clearly intended to try to replicate the "last 40 ack receipts" function of EFS-Web, fails at this because it is visible only to the actual filer and not to others who are connected with the application.

The Patentcenter developers have said from the beginning that one design requirement for Patentcenter is to replicate each feature of EFS-Web (and each feature of PAIR). One feature of EFS-Web upon which many users rely is the "last 40 ack receipts" feature. One of the defining aspects of this feature in EFW-Web was that anybody who had access to the login account being used was able to see the ack receipts. There are many situations in which this visibility to persons other than the actual filer is crucial to office workflow.

A typical situation is where an office has a goal that people with docketing responsibilities will always be able to learn of any e-filing task that has been carried out, regardless of who did the e-filing. One example of this is the filer who forgets to tell the docket desk that he or she e-filed something. In the old days of EFS-Web, everybody in an office would share a user ID and password. This meant that the docket desk people could log in to EFS-Web (using the shared user ID) and could click on "last 40 ack receipts", and could learn right away that a new patent application had been filed, or that a follow-on document had been filed, or that a fee had been paid.

But the way that "View Receipt History" has been implemented in Patentcenter fails to bring this function forward. It seems that the only person who can see an ack receipt in the VRH page is the exact person who did the e-filing. So for example if a second patent practitioner in the office is responsible for docketing, that second patent practitioner's VRH page does not display the ack receipt at all.

USPTO needs to set it up so that if I have access to a particular application in my Patentcenter workbench, my VRH page should list all of the recently filed ack receipts in that application, regardless of whether it was I who did the e-filing or whether it was someone else who did the e-filing.

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