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Viewable ADS in a filing

We are submitting a new application and we uploaded the USPTO ADS form into Patent Center. Out of all the documents you load for a new application the ADS is one of the most important documents to view before submitting, but you are not able to view it. You must download all documents to be able to see the ADS as it was loaded. This is a bit cumbersome. We have our paralegals load the documents to Patent Center and then the attorney will go in to view the documents and they have been complaining that they can't see the ADS to review without having to download all docs. It would be great to be able to view the ADS just like all the remaining documents.

We also generate our ADS directly out of our docketing system and will most likely never use the Web ADS option because that creates unnecessary typing and more room for error. If it were possible to load the data from our system to the Web ADS then maybe we would use it. Right now, we do not plan on ever utilizing that feature unless that becomes possible.



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