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Patent Center Beta Release

Please provide permalinks in Patentcenter

One of our listserv members requests: Please provide permalinks in Patentcenter.

Everybody in every intellectual property office provides permalinks. Everybody except the PAIR developers at USPTO, that is. This is USPTO's chance to be in harmony with everybody else and provide permalinks in Patentcenter, as I will explain.

First, what's a permalink? A permalink is a URL that works now and works tomorrow and works six... more »


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Patent Center Beta Release

Permalinks to applications - should avoid returning blank screen

Patent Center conveniently uses a standard URL format for patent applications.  The URL structure is!/applications/XXXXXXXX, where XXXXXXXX is the application number.  That URL points to the application-data page of the specified application.  This permalink can be really useful.  

Unfortunately, however, if a user attempts to use that link structure to access an application number for... more »


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